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7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most popular natural oils used by people across the world, and the best thing about it is, it doesn’t just have one use! It’s a useful beauty remedy, as well as a great food ingredient with health benefits. If you’re looking for a natural all-rounder, coconut oil is the one for you. Here are top 7 coconut oil hacks that you can get the most out of coconut oil.

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1. Use it as a natural moisturizer

For those with dry skin, or even those who just want to treat their skin right, coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers you’ll find.

It can be hard to find a decent moisturizer that’s not full of chemicals, and that doesn’t keep your skin hydrated for only an hour or two. But coconut oil is a completely natural, and super effective way to keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized for longer.

It’s also full of antioxidants, helping to prevent wrinkles and keep your skin looking young and healthy. It can also help with skin irritation, especially useful for those who suffer from eczema. It can soothe eczema flare-ups and being all natural, doesn’t cause any more irritation.

2. Coconut oil for healthy hair

You might have seen coconut oil advertised as a hair product, alongside argan oil and the likes. This is because it can help restore your hair to full health, making it stronger and more naturally beautiful. Coconut oil traps moisture within each strand, so that dry hair and split ends become less of a problem. You’ll probably find your hair takes on a glossy shine after use as well. Coconut oil is one of the best home remedies for healthy hair.

To use coconut oil on your hair, you can massage it through your hair, including your scalp, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse out. It acts like a conditioner, and its moisturizing qualities can help with dandruff.

3. Mix it into your coffee

Coconut oil hacks as both a beauty and a health product?  Your first reaction to the idea of it in coffee was probably ‘gross’. But it’s actually becoming an increasingly popular substitute for cream in coffee and has a few unexpected benefits.

Coconut oil is great for your digestive system, and helps fight gut infections. It also helps you boost and support your immune system, thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. So while you’ve probably been led to believe that no oil is good for you, that’s not quite the case.

As well as all the health benefits, it’s great at boosting energy levels. Most of us down a cup of coffee each morning to wake ourselves up before a busy day of work, and adding coconut oil to your cup of Joe might just give you that extra energy buzz you’ve been hoping for.

4. You can even use it as a substitute for butter

Butter can be pretty fattening, and while coconut oil contains a fair share of saturated fats, it’s a healthier option than butter, and is a great substitute for the dairy product. You can use coconut oil for better eating habits and get the full use of it.

You can even spread it on your toast in the morning! Sure, it doesn’t taste anything like butter really, but it’ll moisten your toast, be a healthier alternative and have a nice refreshing coconut taste.

It also works as a butter substitute when baking. It easily melts so can be stirred into cookie and cake mixes easily. It can even taste better than butter, if you appreciate the subtle coconut flavor it will lend your recipes.

5. Put coconut oil in smoothies!

You’ve already heard about the health benefits of this oil, so why not add it to one of the world’s favorite healthy snacks? Smoothies!

Whether you’re on a healthy smoothie diet, or just have a craving for a summery snack, coconut oil can be the perfect addition. Not only can it make your smoothies even healthier, but it can again add that great coconut flavor, and even improve the texture.

6. Use it to remove your makeup

Makeup wipes and removers are another thing that can cause skin irritation for those with sensitive skin, but coconut oil can act as an all natural remover of makeup!

All you need is the smallest bit, applied with a warm damp cloth, and your makeup should wipe right off. It won’t irritate your skin or eyes either. It’s also a 2-in-1, cleaning your face as well as moisturizing it!

7. Coconut oil as a deodorant

We’ve all had those disastrous moments where we’ve run out of deodorant, or wish we’d brought some out with us. A handy tip for those moments is that deodorant isn’t the only thing that can tackle body odor.

I’ve already mentioned the antibacterial properties of coconut oil, and its thanks to those that coconut oil can work as the perfect deodorant alternative.

It sounds strange, no one wants to rub random things into their armpits, but trust me, it works! It prevents body odors, and can even work better and last longer than most deodorants. Everyone’s different of course, but some people find that coconut oil can prevent body odor for longer than 24 hours.

It doesn’t leave you with oily armpits either, only soft and moisturized ones. You might even find it’s a better value for your money.

Summing it all up, these coconut oil hacks definitely worth buying yourself some coconut oil, or digging some out from the back of the pantry. You certainly won’t be short of things to use it for. Not only is it surprisingly useful, but also has a lot of great health benefits!


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