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Top 5 Smart Hacks to Get Rid of Dandruff

Top 5 Smart Hacks to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is the dead skin shed from the scalp. Some people experience a significant amount of flaking either chronically or as a result of certain triggers. Dandruff is a prevalent scalp condition that affects people all over the world.  It is often itchy and can sometimes be embarrassing when white flakes appear in your hair. Here we are to help you to get rid of dandruff.

What Causes dandruff?

  • Irritated, oily skin – This condition is marked by red, greasy skin covered with flaky white/yellow scales. It may also affect your scalp, eyebrows, nose (sides), back of your ears, sternum, groin area, and the armpits.
  • Not Shampooing often – Skin cells and oils from your scalp can build up if you do not regularly shampoo your hair.
  • Yeast like fungus – Most adults have a fungi called Malassezia on their scalps. It can cause irritation on the scalp and lead to the growth of more skin cells.  The extra skin cells die and fall off, thus creating white flakes of dead skin.
  • Dry skin – Flakes from dry skin are smaller and less oily than those from other causes of dandruff.
  • Sensitivity to hair care products – Some beauty and hair products can result in a red, itchy, and scaly scalp.

Risk Factors With Dandruff

Several risk factors can predispose you to dandruff, however, anyone can develop dandruff.  Some of the risk factors include:

  • Using the wrong shampoo – Dandruff symptoms can result from using shampoos and conditioners that are overly acidic or alkaline.
  • Being male – Because more men have dandruff, some researchers believe male hormones may play a role.
  • Having oily hair & scalp – Malassezia feeds on the oil on your scalp. For that reason, excessively oily skin can make you prone to dandruff.
  • Having certain illnesses – Persons with conditions such as HIV and Parkinson’s Disease are more likely to develop dandruff.

Below are the top 5 hacks to help you get rid of dandruff

  1. Get rid of dandruff with coconut oil

    Because a dry scalp is usually responsible for dandruff, coconut oil is an effective treatment for dandruff. You will need to repeat treatment once or twice to eliminate unwanted flakes.

    • Wash your hair and do not apply any conditioner. Make sure you dry the hair thoroughly
    • Apply as much coconut oil as you need to cover your scalp
    • Try not to rub the oil on the rest of your hair
    • Wash the oil and style as usual
  2. Get rid of dandruff with eggs

    Eggs are efficient in the eradication of dandruff.  The vitamin A found in the yolks work with your hair to produce more sebum which helps in the fight against flaky dead skin.

    • Whip 1 or 2 egg yolks
    • Apply to the scalp area while covering the rest of your hair.
    • Wrap the hair in a plastic bag carefully to prevent the yolk from dripping out.
    • After 45-60 minutes, shampoo the egg out of your hair
  3. Get rid of dandruff with olive oil

    Olive oil has well-known health benefits for your body, skin, and hair, so you can feel confident applying it to your scalp, or all over your hair for added benefits.  Many people use this oil to remove the dead skin on the scalp.  Follow these steps while applying olive oil:

    • Before washing, apply olive oil to your scalp while the hair is dry
    • Wait for 10 minutes and wash it out
    • Style as usual
  4.  Get rid of dandruff with honey

    Natural honey has a host of benefits for the skin and entire body, and makes for an excellent home remedy for dandruff.  To treat your scalp with honey, follow these steps:

    • Create a mixture of 85% honey and 15% warm water
    • Apply to scalp and massage for 5 to 10 minutes
    • Allow the mixture to sit on your scalp for at least 30 minutes
    • Rinse off with warm water and wash as normal
  5. Prevent dandruff with Water

    This is not a short-term solution, but if you have dandruff because of dry skin, the best thing to eliminate dandruff is to make sure your body is properly hydrated.  The inside of your body is not the only part of you that will benefit from drinking the right amount of water.  Your skin, scalp, and hair will thank you as well. You can also try lemon juice for a fresh taste.  Using a water bottle with a straw, and drinking at a slower pace will help to hydrate you better than drinking a glass of water all at once.  Make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Following these five hacks to prevent and get rid of dandruff will help you avoid this unwanted condition that many people struggle to resolve.

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