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Top 5 Home Remedy Hacks to Lower Energy Bills

Top 5 Home Remedy Hacks to Lower Energy Bills

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When it comes to bills, energy costs can be a killer. Particularly during the colder months, when we can’t help but crank up the heat, and use a few more lights to make our homes feel warmer. Your energy bill is probably the hardest to keep track of. The cost just creeps up each month and before you know it, you feel like you have to take out a loan to pay it each month! But believe it or not, there are things you can do to lower energy bills.

So to save you monthly despair each time your energy bill comes through, here are our top 5 home remedy hacks to lower energy bills.

1. Lower energy bills by air dryING clothes

This is such an easy hack to lower energy bills. While it might seem a bit simple, and not worthwhile, you’d be surprised how much money you’ll save by air drying your clothes rather than using a dryer.

We’re all guilty of just throwing wet washing straight into the dryer, rather than spending a moment hanging it out. It’s quicker and easier, but what you don’t think about is the running cost of the dryer. With every dry, you’re spending money.

For just a few minutes more, you could hang out your washing somewhere warm and dry and save yourself that unnecessary cost. In the summer, it won’t even take that much longer for your clothes to dry.

2. Layer up!

During the colder months, we all turn up the heating perhaps a little more than we should. True, it’s lovely to come in to a cozy and warm home after being outside in the cold, and it’s nice to be able to strip off all of those winter layers. But if you’re thinking about your energy bill, it might be worth keeping the heating to a minimum, and keeping your sweater on in the house if you need it.

I’m not saying you need to scrap your heating altogether, or wear winter coats inside, but by being a bit more conservative with your heating, and wearing a layer or two instead could save you a fair amount of money. Remember you’re paying for every minute the heating is on, and the higher the heating, the higher the bill.

You should also turn your heating off completely while you are out of the house. If you’re not there, you don’t need it. Otherwise you might as well watch your money tick away, and no one wants that.

This hack also works the other way around. In summer, rather than forking out for the air conditioning, or powering a fan to keep you cool, just dress down a bit. Trade your jeans for a pair of light shorts, scrap the jumpers for breezy t-shirts. Keeping your home cool can be just as expensive as keeping it warm.

3. Draft-proof your home

Drafts are the bane of every energy bill. They cause a chill, letting in cold air from outside, and letting out all of the warmth in the house.

Draft-proofing is something that not many people think to do, but it can make your home more comfortable to live in, and lower energy bills.

To draft-proof your home, look at filling in any gaps that let in cold air. Leaky windows are often a big cause of drafts, and gaps are often found around window sills, so this is a good place to start.

Draft-proofing kits are super cheap to buy nowadays, and easy to find in most stores. So while this might take a bit of time, it doesn’t have to cost you much to do. It’s a simple DIY job, and it’ll save you a substantial amount of money each year.

4. Turn things off – pretend standby doesn’t exist and lower energy bills!

I’m sure we can all admit to leaving our TVs on standby, or our phone chargers plugged in all night and day, even when we’re not using them. Things like these use electricity whether you’re using them or not, so once you’re done with something, it’s best to turn it off completely and unplug it.

Pretend standby doesn’t exist. Rather than leaving your computer or laptop to ‘sleep’ while charging, shut it down. If you see the TV light on, even if it’s red, just switch it off. Lights are a big one as well. When you leave a room, switch off the lights after you. It might seem pointless, but there’s no point leaving them on when you’re not using them, it just costs you money. It’s the little things that will save you money if you do enough of them.

We don’t need to use electricity when we’re not in the house, so it makes sense to switch off all of our electronics and lights when we go out.

5. Get yourself some solar panels

Sustainable energy is the way to go, it’s the future. Soon enough, the majority of houses will be supplying at least some of their energy at home. So why not get a head start?

The novelty of solar panels has worn off slightly now, so you can install one or two solar panels relatively cheaply. It’s definitely worth the investment in the long run, when you think about all of the money you’ll save on your energy bills.

Depending on how many solar panels you install, you could slash your energy bill by a considerable amount. Think about it, you won’t need to pay someone else for your energy, because you’ll be producing it at home. It could even increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell.

Your energy bill doesn’t have to be sky-high!

So, those are our top 5 home remedy smart hacks for lowering your energy bill. They’re simple, most of them are easy to do, and all of them will save you money. Give some of these a try and you’re sure to see the results when your next bill comes through!

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