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How to Cure a Hangover

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How to cure hangover? You can run, but you can’t hide from the dreaded hangover.  Hangovers happen to everyone at least once throughout their lives, and when we’re dealing with them, we may think to ourselves “I’m never drinking again”.  This is usually not true, though, so it’s good to know how to handle a hangover just in case it happens again.  So, how to cure hangover?

Here are a few home hangover cures

1. Cure a hangover with Coca-Cola

How to cure hangover? Coca-Cola. Surprising?  Slightly.  Chugging back a can of coke will help that hangover headache, though.  Coca-Cola is loaded with caffeine, and since it’s made from cocoa leaves, it contains antioxidants that help to cure even the most vicious of headaches.

2. Cure a hangover by taking a mustard bath

You put it on hotdogs for an extra kick, sprinkle it on Chinese food for a bit of pizazz, and use it in your bath to cure a hangover… right?  Well, you should.  Mustard works wonders for helping hangovers.  Mustard draws toxins out of your organs and blood.  You could soak in a tub full of goopy yellow mustard, but it’s easier to sue the mustard powder in your spice cabinet and add it to your bath.  Put about 2 tablespoons into your running bath water and sit in the tub for 20 minutes.  Take a nap and by the time you wake up, you should be feeling a bit better.

3. Bananas help to cure a hangover

Bananas are commonly favored by athletes due to their high potassium content, and this is the same reason that they’re good for hangovers.  During a hangover, your body loses a lot of potassium, so eating a banana or two will replenish the lost potassium.  If you’re able to walk and eat before you pass out after a night of drinking, try having a banana before you go to sleep.  Having the potassium introduced into your system before you go to sleep will start the process of reducing the hangover more quickly. Trust me bananas help to cure hangover more than you can think!

4. Tomatoes

There’s a reason that people reach for a virgin bloody mary the day after a long party.  This signature drink’s ingredients, particularly the tomatoes, are great for curing hangovers.  They’re rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals that alcohol robs from your body.  They also contain fructose that aids in metabolizing the alcohol in your system.  A good drink to mix together when the room is spinning is a mix of tomato juice, cayenne pepper, sugar, and a hint of lime is all you need to cure hangover.

5. Carbs help to cure a hangover

If you’re on a low carb diet, you should probably ditch it for a day while you recuperate from your hangover.  When you’re hungover, your body craves what it needs, and in this period of time, it needs carbs.  If you have a bad hangover, chances are, you feel sick.  Carbohydrates help to absorb alcohol and make you feel better.  It’s best to stick with plain foods, though, just to avoid throwing up.  Try bread and butter, or some pasta.  Maybe even some spaghetti?   To ease the pain of a hangover, and help relieve your queasy stomach, pick up a bowl of carbs.

6. Honey to help metabolize the alcohol and cure a hangover

Honey has a ton of uses from treating burns to sore throats, and even hangovers.  As with tomatoes, honey is chock-full of fructose to help metabolize the alcohol, and like bananas, honey contains natural potassium.  If you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, you can take two tablespoons of honey every 20 minutes until you feel better.  Swallow that honey back and feel better quickly!

7. Visit the Sauna

Sweat the alcohol out of your system by visiting a sauna.  Saunas will get your blood pumping and sweat flowing, escorting the extra alcohol out of your body hence cure hangover.  There’s no need to sit in the sauna all day long, however, as a quick 5 or 10-minute sauna visit will have you feeling a lot better by the time you get home.

8. Cure a hangover with Pickle Juice

This hangover remedy comes from Poland.  Does it work?  According to people in Poland, it does.  It isn’t clear why, but if it works then why not use it?  Guzzle down some pickle juice and you should be on your way to feeling better.  Feel free to eat the pickles, too!

9. Ginger helps to cure a hangover

If you feel sick the morning after a night of binging, try some ginger.  Ginger can be consumed in the form of capsules, or purchased from the store in the produce or spices section.  Swallow the capsules, or make a tea mixing in a chunk of fresh ginger root or a bit of the ginger powder.  Ginger can be bitter tasting, so it’s recommended to mix your tea with a bit of honey.  If you’re feeling brave, though, you could always chew on a small chunk of the raw root!

Hangovers are no fun.  When you get one, you have many options for treating the symptoms and relieving the pain. Use these hangover hacks to cure your hangover and get your body and mind back to normal again!

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