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Better Eating Habits: Foods You Should Avoid to Lose Weight Fast

Better Eating Habits: Foods You Should Avoid to Lose Weight Fast

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We all have those moments when we realize that perhaps it’s time to lose the holiday weight. We set about gaining better eating habits and avoiding fatty foods and hope that it’ll help you Lose weight fast. There are a lot of foods out there that are considered staple parts of our diets, that will always have a place in our hearts, and in the kitchen cupboards. But what if I told you that some of those foods, that you probably haven’t considered avoiding, can actually be quite fattening? Here are 5 foods to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight fast. Some might surprise you!

 1. Avoid white rice to lose weight fast

White rice is something that’s cheap to buy and quick to make. It goes with anything and most of us reckon that it’s pretty healthy as well. It’s got vitamins, iron and gives us a fair amount of energy. But it’s not all good, and it’s certainly not the best choice of food if you’re trying to lose weight fast. So why should you steer clear of white rice if you’re on a diet?

The main problem with white rice is that it causes excess fat to be stored in the body. It would take a while to go into the science behind it. But basically, it causes the body to produce insulin (a fat producing hormone) quite quickly, and when your body doesn’t instantly apply it to exercise or activity, it turns to fat. The worst part is, the fat goes straight to your belly!

It’s also easier than you might think to eat more rice than you should be having. Rice is one of those foods that’s hard to determine how much you need. Especially if you’re cooking while hungry. You’ll pour a portion into a saucepan only to have your empty stomach growl at you to put more in.

We should only really be having a cup of rice with a meal, but more often than not our measurements are slightly over! We gain weight when we eat calories that don’t get used, so when we have bigger portions the calories don’t necessarily get put to use, and they instead turn to fat. It’s specifically white rice though that can be a hindrance to your plans to lose weight fast. Brown rice has a lot more nutrients, and while it’s just as easy to overestimate how much to cook of that as well, it’s still a healthier option.

 2. Avoid French fries and chips to lose weight fast

Okay, so this is an obvious one. I don’t think anyone eats French fries or chps while thinking that it counts as dieting. But still, it’s definitely worth a note. Fries and chips are so common in kitchens. There aren’t many houses that don’t have frozen french fries in the freezer, or a bag of chips in the pantry. They’re easy and they taste great, but they’re exactly what you want to be avoiding when trying to lose weight fast.

Sure you can argue that technically, they’re vegetables. But potatoes, like white rice, produce insulin that turns to fat when not used – one of the downsides of carbs! You’ve also got to remember that fries and chips aren’t just potatoes. Just look at the ingredients list on the back of one of the containers. There’s a whole lot of oil in there as well and that’s where the fats come in.

Even if you were to make home made fries or chips, you’re still going to use a fair amount of oil to fry the potatoes. So if you’re hoping to lose weight fast, it’s better to avoid these foods altogether. You could try potatoes in a healthier way, baked, mashed, or roasted for example.

 3. Avoid red meat to lose weight fast

Meat is high in protein, which is important to a balanced diet. But some meats, red meats in particular, are high in saturated fat. So sausages, ham, bacon, lamb, beef etc. are things that won’t be doing your diet any good.

As well as being particularly fatty, they’re also quite high in sodium. When you think of sodium you probably think salt, and you’re not wrong. We all know salt can be bad for our bodies, clogging up the arteries and raising your blood pressure, but sodium can also interfere with your weight. It causes you to retain water, so you bloat. And that’s when we end up with the dreaded ‘food baby’. In a word, you should avoid red meat if you want to lose weight fast.

 4. Avoid Margarine to lose weight fast

Butter may be salty, and full of fat, but believe it or not, margarine can actually be worse for your waistline. Rather than natural fats, it’s full of trans fats. Trans fats aren’t natural. They’re created in the process of making certain foods. Oil and water are heated to extreme temperatures until they bond, making a more solid form of oil. Doesn’t sound so bad, until you look at the effect it has on your body. The good cholesterol is lowered while the bad sky rockets. Perhaps the worst part of trans fats is that they send all the fat straight to your tummy. And even if you control your diet otherwise, and stick to healthy, fat free foods and avoid the candy, they can still lead to you gaining weight!

In fact, they’re so bad for you, that the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) deemed them unsafe and introduced a ban on most sources of trans fats.

 5. Do not eat energy and nutrition bars so often

You might buy a pack of these and feel great for finding an alternative to sweet treats, but you’re not actually doing yourself any favors. They may be advertised as healthy and harm free, but they might just ruin any effort you’ve put in to losing weight fast. The amount of calories and sugar in them is almost as much as if you’d just had a chocolate bar.

Here is one exception, an energy bar low in sugar, high in protein and packed with nutrition and flavor!

And then there’s the idea that they can substitute for your breakfast. Unfortunately, they really can’t. The reason everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is because it sets you up for the day. Think of breakfast like you think of filling up the car before a long drive – you won’t make it without any fuel.

Calories are your fuel, and you want your fuel to last a while. The sugar in energy and nutrition bars is quickly released and quickly used up. So you might have a little sugar rush first thing after eating it, but an hour or so later and you’ll feel like you haven’t had anything to eat at all. Then you’ll have no energy, and meanwhile, the sugar that was quickly released before you could make use of its energy turns to fat around your middle.

There you have it! Avoid these 5 common foods found in almost everyone’s kitchen, and you will be well on your way to lose weight fast!

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