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Cheap and Healthy Foods

Top 10 Healthy and Inexpensive Foods for better eating habit

Looking for cheap and healthy foods?  Us too!  Better eating habits lead to better health, and being physically healthy is the most basic step we can take towards feeling great.  Often times, though, we are faced with a battle between affordable or healthy.  Salmon and kale are great for our health, but not for our pocketbooks, while fast food gets you full but is full of grease and salt.  Luckily, we’re here to help!  We’ve searched high and low and sorted the results into the following top 10 list of cheap and healthy foods!

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The Top 10 Cheap and Healthy Foods: The Top 10 That Should be Staples in Your Kitchen 

  1. Canned Tuna

    Canned tuna is highly underrated, and actually one of the best cheap and healthy foods.  Tuna is very good for people, sporting proteins, healthy fatty acids, and even potassium.  This affordable consumable is widely available in most grocery stores and many convenient stores.  It can be eaten straight out of the can, spread onto bread and eaten on a sandwich, or mixed in with leafy greens, tomatoes, and croutons to make a nice lunch salad.
    Tip: buy canned tuna in bulk for added savings! This drives down the price per can and the cost of your meal. Additionally, because it’s canned, it lasts a very long time and can be eaten whenever your taste for tuna strikes and choosing tuna is a better eating habit that should be taken seriously.

  2. Eggs

    The war on eggs is over; no more egg white versus egg yolk, you can eat the whole egg!  Organic and cage-free eggs are better eating habit, but your standard eggs from your local grocery store will do just fine as well.  Eggs are cheap and extremely versatile.  They are only a few dollars per dozen and should become a staple in your kitchen if they aren’t already.  Eggs are a very good source of protein.  For a quick breakfast, hard boil several eggs the evening before and refrigerate. Enjoy them with toast or cereal before work to get your day going.

  3. Whole Grain Pastas

    You have to watch the carbs, right?  Well, yes, but don’t count pasta out so quickly.  Whole grain pasta is lower in carbs and higher in fiber than it’s bleached and refined counterpart better-eating habit.  Keep whole grain pastas spare in your pantry to create cheap dishes from homemade lasagna to chicken noodle soup.  To get even healthier, always cook your pasta al dente, or slightly under-done.  Al dente pasta gives a more whole texture and is actually easier for your body to digest, making this modest ingredient even better for you.  If you’re a true pasta lover, consider a pasta making tool to make your own homemade pasta or a pasta steamer to make preparation simple and mess-free.

  4. Greek Yogurt

    This proclaimed “super food” lives up to its title.  Greek yogurt is also in many cases cheaper than its competitors.  More importantly, it packs more protein but less sugar than traditional American yogurts.  Greek yogurt can easily serve as a breakfast or as a lunch.  Add granola, sliced fruits, or both for added tastes.  For a super fresh, DIY option, try making your own with this Greek yogurt maker kit!

  5. Potatoes

    Mashed, baked, boiled, sliced and fried, or cooked au gratin.  Potatoes serve a great purpose of getting you full at reasonable prices.  There are several varieties of potatoes that are all relatively cheap.  They last for a long time, though not forever.  Potatoes carry so many nutrients that some people claim they could live healthily on a diet of nothing but potatoes so long as they added milk or cheese! Possibly best source of different ingredients which is one of the finest better eating habits in a cheap price.

  6. Coffee

    Thankfully, right?  While your corner coffee shop sells your favorite drink, your old-fashioned, homemade java is better for your budget and for your health.  You can head to your local grocery store and purchase a quality ground or whole bean coffee that will provide your body with a myriad of nutrients and antioxidants.  Adding a flavored creamer will make it so good that you’ll consider opening a coffee shop.  For more full-bodied coffee, try an old-fashioned kettle and French press. French press coffee brewers allow users to leave the grounds in longer, which will create a more robust flavor. They also tend to stay cleaner than traditional coffee brewers.

  7. Frozen Vegetables

    Much like the eggs above, you’ve heard rumors about frozen vegetables.  But worry not!  Frozen vegetables are more convenient and similarly healthy to their fresh counterparts.  Vegetables are one of nature’s best sources of fiber, which is great for digestive health.  Frozen vegetables are better eating habit, not only cheaper than fresh ones but they also stay good longer.  Even better, they are available in the serving size of your choice, meaning less waste and more savings!  I enjoy single serve “steamables” that are ready after only a few minutes in the microwave.  On days that you have more time and patience, take them straight out of the freezer and place them in the oven at 375 or 400 degrees until they have a golden brown roast starting on the edges.

  8. Canned Beans

    Or dried, pinto or kidney beans.  Beans are, by many cooks, used as a substitute for meat in certain dishes.  Beans offer similar proteins but significantly fewer fats than meats.  Beans are versatile, healthy, cheap, and have long lasting shelf life.  Chili, anyone?

  9. Ground turkey

    To add a healthy touch to your dishes, replace the ground beef with ground turkey.  It extends similar flavors and textures, all while being just as affordable and healthier too!  You can use it just about anywhere that you would’ve used ground beef; spaghetti, chili, tacos, shepherd’s pie, you name it!

  10. Popcorn

    Surprise!  Yes, popcorn is healthy.  As long as it doesn’t have all the butter and “cheese powder” that movie theaters dump on it.  Natural, white popcorn, lightly salted, is a much healthier snack than those potato chips.  Popcorn is also low in calories and high in fibers, making it the go-to mid-day snack or late night cruncher.
    Remember, the key here is to buy popcorn that is lightly buttered and lightly salted at most.  Try cooking it the old-fashioned way, on your stovetop, for the best results.  At first it may taste a little different, but you’ll quickly appreciate the lighter and cleaner flavor that comes with true popcorn.

There you have it – 10 cheap and healthy foods!  Happy eating, and happy saving!

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